Who We Are


To fund walking devices for every child in Australia who needs one.

To empower children to reach their potential.

To partner with State and Territory cerebral palsy organisations.

To work with physios and therapists who assess the individual needs of children.

Who we are

Many Australian childrenĀ  cannot walk due to medical conditions like Cerebral Palsy. They can't run or jump or play like other kids. Often they're stuck low in a chair and can't even talk eye-to-eye.

However, by facilitating the funding of specialised walking devices, the Australian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation (ALCMF) helps get them out of their wheel chairs and onto their feet, empowering each child to reach his or her potential.

We help children walk

A range of walkers are available to cover every level of disability for children up to 18 years old. Identifying the correct walker takes into consideration the need for balance and occasional support, through to full support of weight, whilst still being able to step forward.

We as Lions are not able to assess which device is the best for each individual child, and therefore, we rely on the professionals who are working with the children to advise which is ideal for that particular child.



In 1996, the Whitfield family of Allambie in Sydney travelled to England for their son, Luke (4yrs) to be fitted with a Hart Walker. Here for the first time, Luke experienced walking and his general health dramatically improved.



The Australian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation forms part of Lions Clubs International, the world's largest community service group. Our Trustees are all volunteers and members of Lions Clubs International in Australia.



If you are a part of the Lions family or another registered charity, please consider a child's walking device for your next fundraiser.


Some of the amazing people who help us

Since ALCMF began in 1997 we have worked with a great range of people. We'd like to take this opportunity to show our gratitude to those who have financially contributed to helping children walk.