Together we empower children to reach their potential

What does the Foundation do?

We empower children who cannot walk unassisted to reach their potential. We do this by facilitating the funding of walking and other mobility aids that get kids out of their wheelchairs and onto their feet so that they are able to walk, explore, play, work and socialise. This makes them stronger and healthier – physically, emotionally and mentally. Walking is our gift to the child, a gift that benefits the child, their family and friends.

A word from the Foundation Chair

Now that I have my new Rifton Gait Trainer I am going to be able to explore my new house and meet lots of new friends at kindy. My adventures are going to be very exciting because Mummy and Daddy do not have to hold me. I can walk and run in my walker all by myself. I can even escape out of the Wombat Room and play in the hallway and Therese will have to find me.

Our very trendy little miss in her school outfit. Thank you to her Mum for sending this through. Amber began her schooling this year and is making good progress. Her Hart Walker allows her to participate rather than be an observer. Also looks as though the Tooth Fairy has visited very recently.

I am eight years old and with my new walker I can play at the park and at the beach with my family and friends. At school and at home, I can go anywhere I want because I can now walk all by myself. I am going to have more adventures and discover new things to do. The most exciting adventure is going shopping with my Mum because we have such fun.