Lion Peggy has 'stepped on'

18 Mar 2015 | Vaal Dix

A previous story told of Peggy and her wonderful humanitarian activity which she began in 2004 to ensure that special children could enjoy ‘Stepping Out’. In late 2011 it was time for Peggy to ‘Step On’ and embark on another phase of her life, safe in the knowledge that many of her children have been able to do the same. Many thanks to the incredible efforts of her wonderful helpers, her remarkable husband Past District Governor Ray and of course her own unique and special self. Over seven years ‘the team’ raised nearly $19,000 for some very grateful mobility families, from young Jemma through to Axel. There is nothing very ‘gilt edged’ about collecting cans and bottles, but in Lion Peggy’s case the results most certainly have been. We are immensely grateful to this Lion who had an idea and saw it through. On a personal level it’s an absolute privilege to be around such a dedicated and inspirational lady. A great example for us all!

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