I am Lia and I walked into my school formal!

16 Jan 2015 | Carole Powell

Everyday life is a challenge for Lia.

Lia is a 16 year old High School student with Cerebral Palsy and relies on her wheelchair to move around at home and at school.  Going out is sometimes a challenge because of  access issues. Lia has always wanted to walk but has never really found a walking frame  that she felt safe in. Until now!

Lia featured on TV (The Drum) saying that she wanted to WALK INTO HER SCHOOL FORMAL. Her determination and tenacity made this a reality!! None of her school  friends had ever seen her walking. So it was a fabulous surprise for them to actually see her walking into the formal.

Lia's dream has always been to walk. With her Meywalker, Lia is able to walk around the  house and exercise at the same time, strengthening her calf muscles and hamstrings.  She is so happy to have another mode of transport with her.

As she says, "I really like this walker because it allows me to walk more with minimal  assistance.  I also like the way I can sit down and have a break when I get tired.  I can  transfer into the walker from my wheelchair with minimal assistance.  I feel very safe in  my walker and don‘t feel like I am going to fall out."

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