I am Joe and I run to the post box

16 Jan 2015 | Carole Powell

Parents Rachael and Kurt tell Joe’s story.

"Joe was always eager to walk and the only way he could do this was to be supported by one of us. This was very hard on our backs and tiring.  It was also very difficult for Joe to access a lot of experiences both at home and at pre-school because he can’t get close enough in his wheel chair.

Joe is now able to access activities and experiences he was not able to previously. He loves being on the same level as his peers and being able to socialise on their level.  Joe has recently started to run in the walker and particularly loves running around the corner to check the post box.  The walker gives him independence and frees us up to make his experiences more enjoyable for the whole family.

Joe is non-verbal but he is able to use eye gaze to tell us that he enjoys being in the walker.  The smile on his face and his squeals while he is in the walker also indicate that he enjoys it.

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