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Together we empower children to reach their potential

The Australian Lions Children’s Mobility Foundation (ALCMF) facilitates fund raising to purchase walking devices for Australian children. Our goal is to provide a walker to every child in Australia who needs one.



Hart Walker Happiness

One very trendy little miss in her school outfit. Thank you to Amber's Mum for sending this through. Amber began her...

I am Taylor and I love to shop

I am eight years old and with my new walker I can play at the park and at the beach with my family and friends. At...

I am Madhusha and I help other children to walk

Madhusha is nearly three years old and has a birthday party every year but is not given presents by her friends. All of ...

Imagine if you helped a child to walk

What an incredible gift! With a simple donation you have the power to change a child’s life. Many walkers are not government funded in most states and most families simply cannot afford them. DONATE NOW and help us change someone’s life.

Request a walker for your child

We work with registered agencies whose child-clients require walking devices because of a medical condition. Make your request via the agency through the child’s therapist or physiotherapist.